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pet sheep

By Liam Bolland

This pet sheep can do amazing tricks and acts just like a pet dog.

Jane Bayliss, 40, from Western Australia, owns Marley the sheep and since a young age the lamb even travelled to work with her and became a pet.

Marley has gone on to develop a relationship with other animals, including a rabbit, dog, and horse.

The young pet sheep has also learned tricks thought near on impossible for an animal of that nature.

Jane said: “Marley was abandoned and I took him in before we formed a huge bond.

“He’s amazing and does so many different tricks.

“From shaking his hand to horse jumping, I’ve never known a sheep like Marley before.

“I work as a horse riding instructor and Marley has formed a relationship with the horses.

“He lives with the horses and thinks he’s a dog, it’s amazing how he’s so active all of the time.”