Life Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the adorable moment a girl who was bullied on Valentine’s Day is surprised in front of the whole school by a family friend, who was determined to show her how special she is.

On the eve of Valentine’s day, an excited Aislinn Bowermaster spent the evening meticulously baking love-themed cookies for her middle school class, but mum, Kristin, couldn’t envision the heart-break that would soon follow.

After receiving no gifts or cards from any of her classmates, despite seeing everyone else exchanging various treats and letters of love or friendship, Aislinn’s disappointment escalated into despair after her weight was allegedly made fun of, causing her to burst into tears in her mother’s arms.

Unable to stop crying and reluctant to leave her room, Kristin tearfully consulted with best-friend, Abby Howell, about how to cheer-up her devastated 12-year-old, but it would be Abby’s step-son, Isaiah Greiner, who would come to the rescue.

Unable to get what happened to Aislinn ‘off of his mind’, 15-year-old Isaiah was determined to prove his friend’s bullies wrong, and last month (Feb 16), clutching a giant teddy and a bouquet of Flowers, he walked into East Clinton Middle School, in Lees Creek, Ohio.

Spotting her friend as she queued for lunch, an elated Aislinn is left shocked to see Isaiah – who is home-schooled – standing before her, and tearfully wraps her arms around her belated valentine, as the children in the cafeteria clap and cheer at their embrace.

A gracious Kristen, said: “Having just moved up to middle school this year, Aislinn was very excited about Valentine’s day, as in Elementary school, everyone would bring in presents for one another.

“On the bus ride home, she was called a rude name, which just broke her heart.

“She climbed into my car and just burst into tears, because she couldn’t understand why the other kids don’t like her.

“She was absolutely gutted, spending the evening alone in her room, talking with friends online.”

Abby, who along with her children, helped to mastermind the surprise, said: “I was at work when Kristen called me in tears and told me what had happened – I then told my children.

“When I got home, Isaiah asked if I could talk, he said he couldn’t get what had happened to Aislinn off of his mind.

“He wanted to prove her bullies that they were wrong and show them how wonderful she is.

“He said ‘Every girl deserves a rose now and then’, and while at the store we saw the bear and both smiled at one another.

“From there, we spoke with the school to get everything in order, Isaiah is homeschooled so we had to get permission to be there during school hours.

“He wasn’t nervous until he saw everyone staring at him, he was afraid Aislinn would see him before he saw her.

“Isaiah loved the look of overwhelming joy in Aislinn’s face – he wants to help others now too.

“Isaiah’s father and I are so proud – teenagers aren’t always the most selfless people, but the fact he went into instant big brother mode was amazing.”

Kristen added: “The fact that Isaiah wanted to right the wrong and cheer Aislinn up has guaranteed our gratitude for the rest of his life.

“I don’t think you can ever find words big enough to convey gratitude and appreciation to someone who wants to help un-break your child’s heart.

“I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to find them though.

“Aislinn was speechless, she called me from school and we just sat on the phone crying with each other over how sweet the whole thing was.

“We are so proud of Isaiah, not just for doing the right thing but doing it when it mattered most.

“If we can all help to change the world one person at a time, imagine what a beautiful thing that would be.”