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This is the awesome moment wild bears walk metres away from a group of photographers in stunning 360 degrees.

Pic by Budkov Denis/Caters New

As photographer Denis Budkov leads a group around Kurile Lake – the highest concentration of bears in Russia – the animals appear completely unnerved.

With the snappers sat in chairs, a pair of the massive mammals stroll past from behind as another emerges from the crystal-clear waters in front.

Suddenly an aggressive bear launches a sneak attack on another passing animal, causing a real splash just feet away from the photographers, barely missing the first.

Pic by Budkov Denis/Caters News

Kurile Lake is surrounded by seven volcanoes and Ilinsky Volcano can be seen from the footage.

Denis, from Kamchatka, said: “The bears are relatively friendly and so used to people that they don’t look to harm them.

“They are guarded by the Russian state as the reserve prohibits poaching and hunting.

“Because of this, the lake is a very popular destination for tourists and photographers.”