Animals Video

By Katy Gill

THIS is one cat who has certainly got the cream as she enjoys a slice of cake while sitting at the dining table.

Little Zia, two, enjoyed the treat as part of birthday celebrations for her owner’s mum.

Maddy Vowless – who has had Zia since she was two months old – said she loves being a part of the family and eating with them at mealtimes.


The 18-year-old student said her tabby cat “likes to feel involved”.

Zia was filmed at the beginning of this month – but has been eating with her owners at the table for most meals.

Maddy said: “Our cute kitty Zia is enjoying a slice of our mum’s birthday cake with the whole family.

“She likes the feel involved and sit at the table with the family


“She loves being around everyone at all times so she is always sitting at the table with us at meals

“Everyone says it’s very cute and they’re not surprised she is doing this as it is a her thing to do.

“She’s got a lot of character and she loves her food.

“She loves the water as well, and always drinks from the taps and the showers, she also loves to have baths.

“She hates being alone and follows me around everywhere. She sleeps on my bed every single night and she loves to sit on your chest in the most uncomfortable position.”