Animals Video

By Bilal Kucha

A horrific moment captured on camera shows an angry elephant trampling a man to death in India.

56-year-old Krsihnappa from Kurubur in Bangarapet in the south Indian state of Karnataka had gone to a lake to see a herd of wild elephants that had been frequenting Belkonglu, a place covered by forests, from past one week.

The incident occurred on Saturday when angry villagers had gathered to drive away the elephants that had strayed into the village area from the neighbouring state border and were raiding agricultural fields.

The villagers have submitted a memorandum to the concerned officials, seeking that the herd be driven away.

Blaming the administration for not taking any action, the villagers on Saturday took matters into their own hands.

Around 200 villagers including children gathered by the lake to drive away the herd.

Visuals captured by an onlooker on his cellphone show a mob not only shouting at the elephants but also pelting stones and hurling firecrackers on them.

An angry elephant came out of the water and charged at the mob.

The giant animal then gets across the lake and charges at the people on the other side of the lake, where Krishnappa was also present.

The poor farmer in the video can be seen collapsing on the ground while the angry tusker is crushing him to death.

The last rites of Krishnappa were held in presence of hundreds of villagers on Sunday.

The Andhra Pradesh Forest Department has agreed to pay a monetary compensation equivalent to £5520 to the farmer’s family.

On Sunday, forest officials from both Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka states engaged in driving away the elephant herd into the forest.