Animals Video

By Lauren Fruen

THIS is the moment a bald eagle covered in ice is unable to take flight – because its wings are FROZEN.

Footage of the bird trying to take off was taken by wildlife officials in Oklahoma, US.

The eagle was found in the freezing conditions unable to fly more than a short distance after being caught up in an ice storm last week.

Oklahoma game wardens captured the animal and brought it into their truck where they used the car’s heater to warm it up.

After around 45 minutes the eagle was released back into the wild where it was able to fly off.

Game Warden Spencer Grace said: “He was just covered in coat of ice and unable to fly.

“We got it warmed up. He was pretty stressed out.”

“This is the first time I had seen an eagle covered in ice that was unable to fly.

“But this cold weather is hard on all kinds of wildlife.”