Animals Video

By Ben Walley

This adorable pooch will not let his owner do any work – as he continues to climb over both him and his laptop.

Ace, the ten-month-old puppy, hates when his owner doesn’t pay him enough attention, so resorts in forcing him to do so.

The hilarious footage shows Ace’s owner, Evan, hard at work on his laptop – much to the annoyance of the pooch.

However, Ace quickly gets his own back, by crawling onto Evan’s back, his laptop and even resorting to sitting on his neck.


This hilarious footage was captured by Evan’s partner, Amber Kennealy, at their home in Clinton Township, Michigan.

Amber, 25, said: “He is always trying to get attention – even if we play with him all day he will be climbing on our laps wanting more attention!

“He loves people and always wants love and to give us love!

“This is how he greets us every single time when we get home from work or wherever.

“He did it for about two minutes and then Evan finally gave him some attention.

“He never gives up until he gets attention – sometimes he even barks at us until we play with him.”