Life Video

By David Aspinall

An inspirational amputee turned his life around by swapping alcohol and drugs for CrossFit to help medicate his nerve pain.

Trevor Battah lost his left arm after a motorcycle injury on December 21, 2006 but had managed to adapt day-to-day life, including tying his shoes, building IKEA furniture or even shuffling cards.

Despite retaining his independence, Trevor – who had also suffered a brachial plexus injury – battled nerve pain and remedied it with booze and painkillers.

His life changed when a friend showed him a video of Logan Aldridge performing double-unders – a CrossFit move where you make a skipping rope go under your feet twice.

Trevor said: “Needless to say it changed my life.

“I hadn’t been exposed to anything like that or really even been around any other amputees.

“Up until then I was pretty proud of myself – I was independent and could pretty much do anything I set my mind to.

“In reality I was out of shape.

“After watching that video, my mind absolutely imploded, and I didn’t feel quite so badass anymore.”

Since that day, Trevor has taken his fitness pursuits extremely seriously and does CrossFit at least five times a week.

Now he can deadlift 345lbs (156kg), squat 315lbs (142kg) and complete 89 unbroke double unders, the moves that started him on this journey.

The dad-of-two has taken his impressive achievements into competitions and ever places first in the upper extremity division at the Working Wounded Games 2017.

Trevor said: “I work out because I love it – the pain, how it keeps me grounded, focused and gives me something to look forward to.

“I love being able to motivate and inspire people to do things they thought they couldn’t or wouldn’t have normally done.

“I am absolutely in love with my new life.

“Today I am happily married with two beautiful kids and an awesome job.

“I work out in the morning before work, so I still have time with my family in the evening.

“In my spare time I try to be as involved as possible with the adaptive CrossFit community by offering tips, advice and content on social media.”