Animals Video

By Curtis Mitchell

This parrot is desperate for ice-cream – and he can’t stop asking his owner for it!

This hilarious footage shows compilation footage of a parrot repeatedly begging it’s owner for it’s favourite sweet-treat.

Destiny, the one-year-old double yellow headed Amazon parrot, suddenly started saying ‘ice cream’ last year.

But now, he can’t stop begging his owner for it!

This footage was taken by owner, Carolin Von Petzholdt, in their home in Pasadena, California.

Carolin said: “Last year I said “ice cream” to my other parrots to put him in his cage, and Destiny must have been watching and listening to me.

“All of a sudden he started saying “ice cream” himself which, at first, was a total shock.

“Now he says it 24/7, especially when he’s hungry. The most he has carried on for was two minutes straight.

“He associates ice cream will all kinds of delicious foods.”