Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

This incredible rescued Raven can trade for treats, act for the camera and make music.

Brilliant Loki was brought to Coda Falconry centre when he was looked after, but held a huge fear of humans.


Despite his struggles at first, he soon gained trust for his human companions and began to learn some incredible tricks.

Loki, now two, can play the xylophone, mimic people, act and even trades for objects that he deems valuable.

It’s seems that Loki has truly found his new home in Essex, England as even when his aviary was accidentally left open over night, he decided to stay.


Eliot Manarin, who works with Loki, said: “When we first got him he was extremely anxious and scared. Because he was a rescue we didn’t the opportunity to bond with him at the most crucial time of his development – when he was a chick.

“But after persistent bonding sessions Loki and I became friends, he learned to trust me and was no longer fearful of us. We believe he wasn’t best treated and developed an extreme case of anxiety.

“He would run away and ‘sob’ when we approached him with the leather glove we use to handle birds (gauntlet) this suggests a negative memory associated to a glove, most likely attributed to a turbulent past.

“Since the trust has been gained he’s like a real human friend. He has a vast spectrum of emotions. He gets frustrated when learning new skills just like a kid, he displays empathy and can sense when we are sad. He will sit on your lap, turn his head upside down and make little cooing sounds.


“He’s playful and mischievous and will often try and steal keys, locks and sponges which results in a little game of chase. He also has the ability to trade – most days I will give him a little present; a badge, a magnet, shiny coin which he will store.

“He also enjoys a game of Kerplunk and plays a little xylophone, getting food rewards for playing the collect colour key.

“Unlike ravens at the tower of London, Loki’s wings aren’t clipped meaning he is completely able to fly free. In one instance, a volunteer accidentally forgot to lock his aviary one night.

“It’s worth mentioning his aviary is outside and he could have left and journeyed out into the wild forever, however, this is home and we are very much his family.

“Loki has also appeared in films and is pencilled for a few high end feature films this year.

“He’s in constant training but we became friends after about 6 months.”