Offbeat Video

By David Aspinall

This is the shocking moment a young child carries a realistic rifle over his shoulder on to a packed subway train.

While queuing to go through security at Shanghai Railway Station on February 20, the youth has the metre-long gun slung over his shoulder.

Weaving through the crowds to get to his parents, the kid saunters past a guard and X-ray machine who don’t even take a second look at the replica.

Finally, the child climbs under the barrier to get to his dad having not let the ‘gun’ leave his shoulder at any point.

The owner of Instagram page Shanghai Observed, who captured the footage, said: “I was pretty shocked at how real looking it was and even more surprised the security guard didn’t even think twice about it.

“No one else gave it a second look.

“This gun had zero indications that it could be a toy.

“At the time, it was also a peak time for travel as Chinese New Year was wrapping up one of the busiest time in the world for travel.

“I wouldn’t be surprised it if was the true size of a real gun.”