Life Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

This is the heart-warming moment a loved-up woman surprises her girlfriend with a proposal at airport arrivals surrounded by hundreds of passengers.

As Nicholle Warren stepped off her flight from Dubai on February 22 following three weeks visiting family in Queensland, Australia, little did she know what awaited her.

Joined by 21 family members holding signs and LGBT rainbow flags, girlfriend of two years Bethanie Heard was waiting in Gatwick airport.

Excitedly running from baggage claim, 25-year-old Nicholle is greeted by her 24-year-old partner down on one knee, all captured on video by Bethanie’s sister, Charlotte.

After her girlfriend unveils the ring, Nicholle doesn’t hesitate to say yes and the pair kiss as the onlookers cheer and whoop on the same day as their two year anniversary.

Charlotte said: “Nicholle gets over excited about anything, bless her, so the moment she realized she was being proposed too it was crazy.

“It took her a few seconds to realize what was going on, she started running to Beth and just hugged her because she missed her and thought the sign would have just read ‘Welcome Home’.

“She was actually embarrassed after she said yes as she just got off a long-haul flight and she laughs and while hugging Beth she goes “I look like s**t’.”

To ensure Nicholle’s family didn’t miss out on the special moment, Charlotte live-streamed it for them.

The excitement around the proposal extended beyond close friends and family, with strangers asking what was going on and whether Nicholle was likely to say yes.

Because of all the cheering, Nicholle’s favourite song – ‘Can’t help falling in love with you’ by Elvis Presley – was drowned out.

Charlotte said: “I was so amazed at the amount of people who stayed around to wait and watch it happen.

“I remember one large group had to leave because they had taxi’s waiting for them, but they wanted to wait and watch.

“It was so heart-warming seeing how complete strangers were there to enjoy the special moment and who were giving their congratulations and cheering and clapping when she said yes.”

The couple met on tinder when Nicholle first moved to the UK and she joined Tinder to meet new people and make friends.

Beth was the first girl she met in England and their first date was at a cafe in Epsom, London, where Nicholle was originally working.

Beth’s terminally ill nan Brenda, who has Picks Disease, a rare form of dementia, was able to witness the big moment.

She proposed using Brenda’s favourite ring after she gave it to Beth because she wanted to see Nicholle wear it before she wasn’t around anymore.

Charlotte said: “What’s funny is after I knew it was going to happen, Nicholle confided in me that she was going to propose to my sister this year.

“Beth obviously beat her to it.

“It’s been a nightmare three weeks since Nicholle has been in Australia because I had to deal with a very anxious, excited and short-tempered sister.

“We went to hobby craft and spent an hour deciding how she would do the banners, who would hold what.

“Beth even practiced the night before the proposal getting down on one knee without falling over.”