By Jack Williams

This ambitious former construction worker has shown that it’s never too late to follow your dreams, abandoning a career in manual labour to become a master BAKER.

Pic by Cakes By Silvano / Caters 

Silavno Mederos worked in construction for nearly two decades, but his recent sweet creations have really turned heads and gathered plaudits and well wishes all over the world.

Pic by Cakes By Silvano / Caters 

Included in Silvano’s stunning repertoire are the likes of intricate roses embedded inside gelatin; stunning works of icing, which include giant waterfalls dotted with fairies; and delicately-diced fruit creations.

Having finished a career in construction, Silvano, 47, from Los Angeles, Califronia, decided that his once-hobby could become a viable career path, with his longterm goal being to open his own cafe.

Studing at the International College, in Los Angeles, Silvano’s baking has recieved much praise – both from those close to him, and followers of his Instagram account.

Pic by Cakes By Silvano / Caters 

Earlier this month, Silvano’s daughter, Tiare, stated her pride on social media: a post that received more than 275,000 likes and exploded online.

For years, Tiare said, Silvano worked in construction to provide for her and her siblings – a career that meant their father couldn’t chase his own baking dreams.

Tiare said: “I am so proud of him! I’m finally seeing him pursue his dreams.

Pic by Cakes By Silvano / Caters 

“He couldn’t for so long because he had to provide for me and my siblings.

“Now we are all grown ups and he has the time.

“I’m so happy with the response [to my social media post]. I wasn’t expecting it at all.

Pic by Cakes By Silvano / Caters 

“I just wanted to show my friends what my dad had been up to and it just took off.”

Silvano said: “The part I enjoy the most is seeing my ideas come to life the way I wanted them to.

“My favorite right now has to be anything that I make specifically for someone.

“For example, a cake I made for my daughter for Valentine’s Day.

Pic by Cakes By Silvano / Caters

“I was so amazed and humbled to see so many people reach out to me and say kind things.

“It definitely motivated me to keep going.”