By Kristiana Hall

These stunning snakes were captured wrapped around each other in a battle to the death.

The rare moment was captured on camera by nineteen-year-old Eshanya Sharma, just outside his house.

Eshanya Sharma / Caters News

His photo shows a Green Vine Snake wrapped around a Buff striped keelback – the keelback’s head stuck in the mouth of the vine snake moments before it chomps down.

Eshanya took he picture moments before the keelback lost its battle and became a tasty snack for the vine snake.

Based in Karnataka, India in the Western Ghats, she says that while seeing snakes is not uncommon, seeing a battle like this is a rare sight.

The young man has been practising his photography for about 5 years and is studying visual arts.

Eshanya said: “One evening, around the start of monsoon season in the Western Ghats, there was no electricity for almost 3 days.

Eshanya Sharma / Caters News

“On that day the rain had given a small break, hence my dad and uncle called to the electrician and went few meters out of the house to receive him.

“Meanwhile my uncle noticed a Green Vine Snake hanging to a small branch of a plant.

“Similarly when my uncle went nearby the snake to just have a look at it, but he saw something mind blowing!

“There was a Buff striped keelback snake as well which was so well camouflaged on the branch was not visible from far, but seeing both the snakes on the same branch which had encountered each other at same time.

“My uncle smelled something fishy was going to happen and he told my dad to call me to get camera to capture the rare event. Within no time I reached the spot in few seconds as it was only few meters away.

Eshanya Sharma / Caters News

“I took my Nikon cool pics (not DSLR) camera which was almost with drained battery, as there was no power and I couldn’t charge it properly.

“When I reached the spot the two snakes had already started with its fight and I started taking pictures waiting for the right moment as my camera allowed me to take only limited pictures and finally after few pics camera got shutdown.

“However I kept camera aside enjoyed one of the natures best moment which I encountered.

“After all the Green Vine won the battle and had a good feast! By that time it had started raining again so I had to return home with saved memories.”