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By Bilal Kuchay

A 30-year-old British female tourist has alleged that two bike-borne youths grabbed her in “sexual way” while she was walking to her hotel in India.

The shocking incident allegedly happened on Wednesday evening in Jodhpur in the western Indian state of Rajasthan.

The tourist from London had arrived in Jodhpur with her friends earlier this week.

Caters News:

On Wednesday evening between 8:30 pm to 9:30 Pm, she claimed that she was on the way to her hotel Raas Hotel after having dinner at a nearby eatery when two men on a bike grabbed her.

She filed a complaint with local police and later released a video statement for narrating the whole incident.

Praising Jodhpur as a ‘beautiful’ city, the Londoner claimed that she was speaking up for the reputation of the city.

She said: “I am from London, UK. I’m reporting an incident that occurred yesterday evening on the 21st February.

“I was walking home from having dinner at Raas Hotel and I was walking past the step well when two youths on a motor bike went past and grabbed me in a sexual way.

“It shocked me.

“We are now tracking them down using CCTV and we hope we find them.”

“I am doing this not just for myself but for the reputation of Jodhpur city.

Caters News

“It is a beautiful city and incidents like this should not happen and hopefully this will work out.” she said.

However, contrary to her claims in the video, the Jodhpur police called it an unfortunate event of ‘bag snatching’ after investigating the CCTV footage.

Inder Singh Rathore, Investigating officer into the case said: “It is not a case of molestation. It was a failed bag snatching incident.

“Even the lady after seeing the CCTV footage said that I understand that the youth were attempting to steal my bag.”

Showing a hand written complaint by the tourist,  Kumar said that the tourist realised it wasn’t really a case of molestation.

The complaint reads: “I would like to report an incident that occurred yesterday between the times of 20:30 to 21:30 next to Raas Hotel and the step well.

“Two youths on the back of the motorbike attempted to snatch my bag from my shoulder as they passed me.

“He was wearing grey T-shirt. The youth who tried to snatch my bag was sitting on the back of the motorbike and I saw them drive away in the direction away from the step well and pass the Raas.

“I ask that you please use the CCTV footage to identify the two culprits and bring them to justice.”

The police official further said that an FIR has been lodged in this case and they are tracking down the men.

“The incident has happened around 8:50 pm due to which the CCTV footage is not clear. We are trying our best to identify the men.

“Once identified we will take strict action against them,” Rathore added.