By Sophie Norris

A mum-of-two was left in stitches after her three-year-old toddler managed to put together his train set for the first time – in the shape of a giant penis.

Monica Warren, 33, was preparing breakfast for her two young sons when Benjamin called her in to see his new creation, which he had built using his favourite train set.

Despite having the toy since he was two, it was the first time that Benjamin was able to fit all of the pieces together perfectly – though the final shape left his parents with open mouths.


Monica, a secondary school teacher from Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland, said: “Benjamin is a massive train fan and is really into Thomas the Tank Engine.

“He’s had his train set since he was two, but every Christmas and birthday we add more to it.

“He was quite chuffed when he had finished making the track and called me in to see it.

“At that time in the morning, when I’m making breakfast and getting everyone ready, I didn’t realise straight away what it looked like.

“But as soon as it clicked, I couldn’t stop laughing at it. I won’t be telling him what it looked like.

“I called my husband, Graeme, in to the living room to have a look as well but he didn’t spot it straight away either.

“Benjamin is absolutely train mad and only ever plays with his Thomas toys.


“We keep trying to explain to him that it’s okay to like other things as well.

“All the staff at work have seen the pictures of penis shape and it had the whole staff room laughing.”

Monica says she enjoys reading mummy blogs that are a ‘realistic depiction of what it’s like to be a parent’.

Monica said: “There are often precious moments but equally there are moments that make you want to bash your head in.”


Her two sons may have less than two years between them, but the age difference can prove to be a little trying at times, especially when 17-month-old Harris, wants to play with his older brother’s special Thomas the Tank Engine trains.

Monica said: “It’s all go in our house.

“I’m up at six, the boys are up at seven and we’re out the door at quarter to eight.

“The boys are getting to the point now where they are starting to play together, however Benjamin likes things done a certain way and Harris is only 17 months old.

“It’s like a demolition derby when he joins in.”