Animals Video

By Harriet Whitehead

This pooch was caught red-pawed after mauling her THIRD sofa – and leaving her owner’s living room strewn with stuffing.

Ruby the Lurcher has caused thousands of pounds worth of damage with her habit of digging holes in furniture not to mention the numerous pairs of shoes, teddy bears and dog toys she’s chewed up.


But doting owner Hannah Defoe, 31, insists she’s the paw-fect friend and it’s her desire to nest that’s the reason behind her destruction rather than bad behaviour.

The mum-of-two, who got Ruby from a rescue centre just over two years ago, has even caught Ruby having a snooze inside one of her sofas after digging a hole in it.

During her recent escapade on Tuesday two-year-old Ruby was caught looking shame-faced surrounded by chunks of white stuffing that she’d pulled from the leather couch.

Hannah, from Diss, Norfolk, said: “I had gone out for 45 minutes and I came back to that explosion.

“She’d managed to pull all the stuffing out. She had this look on her face like ‘I know I’ve done wrong but I’m so comfortable and warm’.

“I don’t even tell her off anymore, we’re so used to it.


“My eldest son Oliver actually said when we came home ‘shall we go and see if Ruby’s done the sofa again?’ It’s that common.

“He came out and said ‘come and see what she’s done’. She’s a swine.

“The sofa’s got a gaping hole in it. I just re-stuffed it the best I could and put a throw over it to cover it up.

“I think we’ll probably have to find a cheap one to replace it but I’ve accepted I won’t be buying any new furniture while Ruby’s alive.

“This is the third sofa she’s done – the little sod.

“She was at death’s door last week after catching a virus. She ended up being rushed to the vets but she was obviously feeling better.


“She’s always had a destructive nature. She doesn’t chew it up she digs it up with her claws, she likes to dig a nest.

“If you give her a blanket or a duvet she will tear it up to try and make it comfy.

“With the sofas she will start at the back and use her claws to rip it up.

“She’s also done it to my mattress – I’ve noticed a small hole has appeared.”

The part-time pet shop worker reckons Ruby has ruined two £1,200 sofas not to mention destroying carpets, shoes and her toys.

Hannah said: “She first did it three months after I got her, it’s a nesting thing.

“With the first sofa she actually got into the back of it, she dug her way through it.

“I came home from work and she was sound asleep in there, she just looked at me as if to say ‘what happened?’

“I managed to patch it up with duct tape but she pulled that up and made it bigger.


“I then got a second-hand sofa donated to me and within two hours she’d dug a hole the size of a 50p piece.

“The first time she did it I was mortified but I’ve got to the stage now where I’m half expecting it.

“She also dug up all the downstairs carpet so we had to replace that with laminate flooring.

“Cuddly toys aren’t safe either – she’s ripped the limbs off teddy bears and all sorts.

“She’s had numerous pairs of shoes. My friend came over before a night out once and left her stilettos by the door.

“As we were about to leave she asked where they were and Ruby had taken them up to the bedroom and she’d chewed the heels off.

“It’s just the way she is. She’s a perfect dog in many ways but her downfall is digging.”


Hannah, who is mum to eight-year-old Oliver and five-year-old Max also runs a dog walking company and a social media page dedicated to lurchers having got her first one when she was 19.

The animal-mad family also have two other dogs – a lurcher called Dooley, a labrador called Penny – and three guinea pigs.

Hannah said: “I think we must have spent more than £1,500 replacing things – it was a few hundred on the flooring.

“Luckily the sofas have been donated as I know it’s a waste of time going to get a new sofa.

“It tends to be in the winter when she does it. She just loves snuggling and loves being warm, she’s such a sweet girl.

“She sleeps on my bed and loves to get under the duvet.

“It’s not boredom – she gets plenty of exercises and has two other dogs to play with as well as lots of toys.

“She’s just a little monkey. We wouldn’t change her for the world, we love her dearly.”