Video Viral

By Bethany Gleave

A sheep farmer was left retching when he was given the grim task of saving the life of a pregnant ewe who had miscarried.

Craig Martin was attempting to extract a lamb from the mother’s womb after she miscarried, and explained that although the task wasn’t pleasant it was necessary to save her.

The dad-of-six was given the grisly job of removing the dead lamb by his chuckling boss John Wood, 46, who captured Craig’s squeamish reaction as he repeatedly retched on camera yesterday morning.


Craig, 29, said: “I could still smell it on my hands hours later. It’s an absolutely vile smell – it’s hard to describe it.

“I’ve been a sheep farmer for 15 years nothing can get you used to the smell. I actually did throw up afterwards.

“Every time I do it I end up retching like this but if you asked other farmers they would say they do the same.

“I come up to John’s farm every lambing season to help him out. I do a six-hour round trip to get here – I drive down here and stay the week.

“ I travel all that way and he gives me jobs like this and films me doing them. He does like to have a laugh but I’m sure I get all the horrible jobs.

“My main priority was to get the lamb out of the ewe to save its life. The lamb was dead and rotting, which is really sad, but we wanted the ewe to live.


“It probably isn’t enjoyable for the ewe but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

“Our main priority was saving the ewe and thankfully we managed to do just that so I was happy in the end.”

Craig’s boss John owns Merley Hall Farm in Wimborne, Dorset, where he has a flock of more than 2,000 sheep.

John asked Craig to help the stricken ewe as he knew how he would react.

Dad-of-two John admitted he’s a bit of a joker and often refers to Craig as ‘Pasty’ as he travels over from Launceston in Cornwall to work at the farm during lambing season.

John said: “We were ultimately trying to save the ewe, it isn’t a nice task but it needs to be done.

“Craig works for me and I thought I would get him to do it – I kind of set him up really.

“It was so funny to watch and when someone is suffering like that the first thing you have got to do is film them.

“I wasn’t going to help him, he knew what he was doing and there’s nothing I can do about the smell.

“We have a laugh at work, I like to joke around a bit. Obviously it was a serious matter as we were saving the life of a ewe, but Craig’s reaction was hilarious.

“He has been lambing for 15 years and he still can’t get used to the smell. It really is smelly, it’s hard to describe the actual smell.

“The lamb is rotting in the ewe so the smell is horrific but it is something you have to get through to save the ewe’s life.”