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By Taniya Dutta

This is the hair-raising moment a brave woman fought off five men who were mercilessly thrashing her husband with sticks at a farm in India.

The incident occurred on Sunday when some unknown men started ploughing a tractor in Kuldeep Singh’s fields in village Ahmed Majra in Haryana in northern India.

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When Kuldeep, 48, a Sikh farmer protested, an altercation broke between him and the men, who within minutes started raining blows on him with sticks.

While the whole village gathered to witness the harrowing moment, none came forward for his help. At last his wife Kuljinder Kaur, 44, had to rush in for Singh’s rescue.

In the 20-second video recorded on a cellphone by locals, two men can be seen ruthlessly thrashing the farmer as he lies on ground, writhing and calling for help, while the other three stand there watching silently.

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His wife then appears brandishing a stick twirling it like an expert and fights off the assailants alone. Kuljinder then picks up another stick off the ground, which seems to have been dropped by one of the attackers. The man on the ground lies still, apparently losing consciousness.

Kuldeep, the father of three, was rushed to a nearby hospital with grave injuries on head and ear but was discharged after treatment on Thursday.

A police complaint was later filed by the couple who said to have been facing a dispute over land with the attackers.

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Virender Singh, Inspector, said: “This is a case of land dispute. Kuldeep and his wife had registered a case against 13 men out of which we have arrested five and are in police custody.

“Kuldeep said he was working in his fields when the five men deliberately started ploughing in his piece of land. After verbal spat broke and turned ugly, the men started beating him up. The others in the name have said they have been wrongly named in the case but we are investigating the matter.”