Offbeat Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

A dad captured the moment his son decided to climb onto his trampoline in sub-zero temperature and you can’t take your eyes off this slow-motion video.

The video taken by electrician, David Ballew, 27, from Coweta, Oklahoma, shows his son, Boston, as his jumps on his trampoline, back in February, this year, as the top layer of ice shatters.

David said: “When my son first walked on the trampoline I knew the glazing of ice was going to crack due to the flexibility of the trampoline.

“As he walked and jumped more the very thin sheet of ice began to crumble into fine grains.

“I love to take Slow Motion videos and saw that when he jumped, the ice was hovering just slightly before it fell on the trampoline.

“I thought wow this will look great in slow motion so I pulled my iPhone 7+.”

David, who is also a storm chaser and photography in his spare time, likes to upload videos to his social media pages.

He said: “Every time I take a video of something my son does on the playground, on his four wheeler or flying my drone he always wants to see it.

“He loves it I hope he becomes a photographer as well.”