Video Viral

By Kirstie Sutheran


These parents’ daring poop prank backfires, when their young daughter becomes too disgusted.

The couple, from Manchester, England, called their two kids to the bathroom under the guise of dad, Ryan Marriott, needing some extra toilet roll.

When 29-year-old Ryan’s son brings him the paper, he ‘accidentally’ smears some fake Nutella poo onto his hands.

Horrified Tyler, seven , hold his hands out shocked and the sneaky parents continue the prank by getting their younger daughter to pass the toilet roll – where her hands meet the same fate.

Five-year-old Esme seems equally disgusted, but is pushed to screams when her dad then licks the fake poo off of his fingers.

Mum, Amy Foley, 29 said: “It was my idea to do the prank, were always having a laugh at home and I had seen this on a girl Facebook, she actually pranked her mum with it.

“I showed Ryan and said we had to do this to the kids. We used Nutella to do the trick and it worked a treat.

“Ryan licking the chocolate (pretend poo) was his idea though; it actually turned my stomach too!

“We filmed the video in our house in Northern Manchester a few years ago.

“Esme actually went crazy afterwards as she doesn’t like jokes she said I think they were both just disgusted.”