Animals Video

By Curtis Mitchell

A driver has caught two raccoons getting it on in his neighbour’s driveway on camera.

Samuel Mann was driving down his road when he noticed two raccoons fooling around on his neighbour’s driveway.

After seeing this, the 25-year-old driver pulled up into the driveway and proceeded to film them with his dashcam.

And the raccoons were definitely not camera-shy, as they continued with two-onlookers in front of them.

Samuel filmed this footage on his road in Seattle, Washington.

Samuel said: “My friend didn’t want me to turn the car and drive up, because it was in the neighbour’s driveway.

“She was very nervous and started to whisper as if she didn’t want to be caught.

“I had seen raccoons in my neighbourhood before, but nothing like this in my ten-years of driving.

“They carried on for at least two-minutes – but I imagine they kept at it a bit longer.

“I was surprised and amused at how they continued the deed despite a large vehicle approaching them.

“I think the female wanted to leg it, but the male had other priorities.”