It’s not really what you’d expect to see a gorilla doing – but this primate was caught on camera washing some ONIONS before he tucked into his lunch.

Magnus Neuhaus / Caters News

The gorilla appears to be taking great care to get all the mud off his lunch, as he struggles to keep a handle on all the veg – even trying to clutch on to one with his feet.

Photographer Magnus Neuhaus , 46, snapped the strange sight as he watched the gorillas at Krefeld Zoo, Germany.

Magnus, who is in the German Navy, but a keen photographer, said: “I took the pictures at feeding time at the zoo.

Magnus Neuhaus / Caters News 

“The food is thrown all over the place to ensure all the gorillas have something to eat.

“Some of the onions landed in the pond, and this silverback, called Kidogo, fished them out and cleaned the off.

“It was quite a funny sight.”