Animals Video

By Taniya Dutta

A baby elephant surprised a kid and his dogs when it barged into the yard of their farmhouse in southern India.

Hemant, 5, was playing with his dogs Jimmy and Roshy in their house early hours of Sunday when the pets suddenly started barking relentlessly at the hedge.

As the baffled boy went ahead to see the matter, he found a valiant baby elephant walking straight to his garden.

While the boy and one of his dogs ran back to the house, seemingly scared of the sudden presence of the ‘uninvited’ guest, Roshy bravely faced the ‘giant’ making sure to chase it away.

However, the elephant wasn’t in a mood to get scared by a little pooch and instead charged at it before turning away and roaming in the village for about two hours.

The animal had returned to its habitat without attacking and hurting the residents.

The incident occurred in a scenic village of Kodagu in Karnataka, only a mile away from a nearby forest, a habitat of elephants and was captured in the surveillance camera installed at the porch.

Hemant’s father Shyam, who also goes by first name like his son, only realised the unnerving incident after Hemat narrated it.

The village has coffee plantations in its surroundings and inhabitants often come across wild elephants, who are believed to be in hundred, feeding off their crops.