Animals Video

By Curtis Mitchell

Hop on by why don’t you! A woman was left stunned when she spotted some unusual backyard visitors – a kangaroo and her joey.

While it’s not unusual for kangaroos to be seen in the area, mothers usually keep their joeys away from humans.

But this duo were rather bold – hopping within inches of Rachel Blais, who caught the moment on camera.

Rachel said: “We were visiting Jervis Bay, in New South Wales, for the weekend.

“The first two kangaroos turned up and looked straight at me, so I started filming.

“I couldn’t believe my luck when mum and Joey turned up though.

“As a Canadian expat, it was great seeing this all before my eyes. My friends who are Aussie were also in shock that we witnessed this and even caught it on video. The mum and joey joining was sheer luck.

“I did not expect the mum and joey to hop in. A true Australian experience.”