By Michael Scott

Oh crumbs! This unlucky prairie dog looks thoroughly cheesed off after a cheeky bird swiped his afternoon snack – straight from his hands.

The prairie dog was caught on camera eyeing up the snack greedily, as he settled down for a treat in St Louis zoo, Missouri.

Sai Nayan Bhedodkar/Caters News

But a passing bird fancied the crumb of cookie for himself – and hops up to the rodent and grabs the cookie chunk with his beak, leaving him looking more than a little annoyed.

Photographer Sai Bhedodkar, from Edwardsville, Illinois managed to capture the moment on camera.

 Sai Nayan Bhedodkar/Caters News 

Sai said: “The prairie dog was having a chunk of a cookie.

“The bird, which was scouting around looked into what the prairie dog was having in its hand. The bird then puts its beak in between the prairie dogs hands and took the piece of cookie from it and flew away before the prairie dog could even realize what was happening.

 Sai Nayan Bhedodkar/Caters News


“The prairie dog then climbed the wooden log right in front of it and reacted in a way which was pretty unusual for me. I have never seen a prairie dog scream like that before. The prairie dogs sadness was quite visible from this event. Later, it moved on and began to eat some greens lying around.

 Sai Nayan Bhedodkar/Caters News

“He was was definitely annoyed with what had happened to him

“The prairie dog certainly realised the direction in which the bird flew away and climbed the log in front of it, with his eyes in the bird’s direction. The pictures could clearly say that the prairie dog was initially annoyed and then sad.”