Animals Video

By Kristiana Hall 

This orangutan was getting ahead of herself with the spring cleaning.

It might only be February, but Mandi the orangutan was determined to make sure her windows were sparkling.

PIC FROM Suzan van der Heeden / Caters News

Visitors to the Allwetter Zoo in Munster, Germany, were left highly amused as she pressed her lips against the glass and tried to suck the moisture off, before wiping the surface with her forearm.

Suzan van der Heeden, 47, captured house-proud Mandi on video.

The caterer, who was born in the Netherlands but lives in Germany, said: “It was a real joy and very entertaining to see the orangutan licking water from the window.

PIC FROM Suzan van der Heeden / Caters News

“It was around noon and the window was in the shake, and with the sun shining it was covered in moisture.

“She did it two or three times for about 30 seconds each time.”