Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

Now that’s just udderly adorable! This little calf comes racing over to his owner – when she calls him with a plate of COOKIES!

Most highland calves would be quite happy munching away at the green grass in their pasture.

But Buckley prefers a chocolate chip cookie – and comes trotting over whenever his owner, Leslie Ackerman, lets him know his favourite treat is on hand.

She filmed this footage at her ranch in Northern California, where she rescued 11-month old Buckley when he was just a few weeks old.

She said: “Buckley loves cookies. They are really animal crackers, so they are safe for them to eat.

“I needed him to come out of the pasture he was in and go back to his own pasture, so I knew the best way to get him to move was to call him for his favourite treat.

“I hope it makes people smile like it made me smile.”