Video Viral

By Curtis Mitchell

A motorist who broke down in the fast lane on a busy road was so embarrassed he made an apology video for other road users – who he worried would be late for work.

Jeff Powell, 28, was driving his car to work along a busy Dallas road when a fuse blew and his motor ground to a halt – two lanes away from the hard shoulder.

With traffic whizzing past on both sides, and angry motorists trying to overtake him, Jeff started to worry about his safety, as he put in calls to 911, his boss, and his wife.

But luckily for him, an emergency highway patrol man came to his rescue, towing him to safety – and even restarted his car for him.

Jeff was so grateful for the help, he decided to use his dashcam recording of the incident to make an ‘apology’ video to other drivers, which has since gone viral on Reddit.

He said :”I’d only had the car for about a month and a half, and it had been working perfectly.

“Suddenly, the fuse went and I was stuck.

“My immediate reaction was to try to get to safety, then some pretty heavy swearing when I realized that wasn’t happening.

“Once my situation became apparent, I placed phone calls to 911, my boss, and my wife.

“After I was pushed off the highway my reaction was gratitude to the courtesy patrol officer and then relief once the car was running again.

“My reaction to the attention gained from this funny little video is pure joy. I’m so very glad that my story has brought happiness to so many people.”