By Mikey Jones

It’s hard to keep your eye on this group of springbok – as their confusing pattern makes them look like a natural magic eye picture.

Ed Raubenheimer, a fishing tackle salesman from South Africa, zoomed in on this giant herd of springbok for a ‘magic eye’ moment.

PIC BY Ed Raubenheimer / CATERS NEWS

With the beasts all heading in one direction it creates a confusing picture, as they almost appear to merge into different shapes.

Ed, 73, said: “This herd of springbok were crossing the dunes as a gigantic herd.

“I stopped to take photographs as I passed them and, although the herd was much larger, decided to focus in on the crowd.

“I think the pictures look stunning, and the effect is a bit confusing with them all facing the same way.

PIC BY Ed Raubenheimer / CATERS NEWS

“I thought the effect would be much better than a wide-angle shot.

“I have photographed springbok before, but this was the first time so many were coming down the side of a dune all going in the same direction.

“I think they were on their way to a waterhole.”