Offbeat Video

By Este Langeveldt

After months of drought, the moment rain finally fell in Cape Town was celebrated by people across the city – including this woman, who decided to go out and wash her HAIR in the rainwater.

The city in South Africa has been experiencing three years of drought – and officials have warned that they fear the city could officially run out of water by the beginning of June.

But last week, mother nature treated Cape Town to a downpour – that was so heavy, Trudie Loots decided to shower in it.


The ecstatic full-time mum of three was filmed by her son, Jaco, dancing about in the thunderstorm, washing the family car – and even whipping her HAIR up into a lather.

Trudie said: “I was just so ecstatic that the rain came.

“For weeks, my family has been having our 60 second showers at the gym, as we are all trying to conserve water. We have to use left over shower water to flush the toilets.

“I couldn’t believe it when the rain came.

“My son, Jaco, was inside playing video games when he heard me whooping and giggling. He looked outside and saw me washing the tarmac.

“He thought it was really funny so started filming – I couldn’t care less who saw me though.

“If we get more rain, I will wash the dogs next time!”