Offbeat Video

By Curtis Mitchell

This tech-loving pair gave shopping trolleys a whole new meaning as they rode around a shopping centre on suitcases that cost more than £1000 each.

As Don Canapi arrived at the Galleria Mall in Houston, Texas, USA, he took along a very special mode of transport – a motorised Modobag.


Sitting on the case, the 31-year-old scoots in and out of stalls, stopping momentarily to answer questions as stunned fellow shoppers ask what he’s riding and how much it costs.

Don and his friend whizz in and out of stores, including Tesla, garnering a mixed reaction ranging from compliments to annoyed members of staff.

Don said: “In total we were riding around for a good 45 minutes.


“I managed to reach the top speed of around 8mph.

“But I think that’s what got the attention of the security guards and they asked us to leave.

“I love these cases so much.

“I’m actually travelling from California to New York in a train hence the whole trip will be recorded while riding these things.”