Animals Video

By Katy Gill

Could this be the caterpillar form your nightmares?

The unusual mini-beast seems to have a strange set of horns and a body of spiny needles.

The little creature shuffles along with quite a bit of speed, with its odd curved tail bobbing, it seems like the tail of a scorpion.

It was spotted by college graduate Vasisht Ravikumar as it climbed over his marigold and was unnerved by the horned beast.

He said: “This animal looks like some kind of a moth to me. It resembles like a caterpillar. I’m not aware of its species. That’s why I wanted to know what it is.

“He started crawling faster than I expected. But, I didn’t know what species of bug it was and was curious to know that. So, I sent this video on WhatsApp to a few of my friends to know if they are aware of what it was.

“This video was filmed on my home terrace where I have my marigold plant which I’ve been growing for a month.

“I found the little orange bead like things on the soil. I speculated that it could be the moth’s eggs. I didn’t want to leave them on the soil.

“I didn’t want all of them to hatch on my plant and consume it. So, I took them out carefully one by one and placed them on a piece of paper, carried them to the garden again and placed them there.

“Hopefully, they don’t swarm my house. I wasn’t sure if they were eggs. But, I haven’t found those beads before the appearance of the moth. So, I assumed it was the moth’s eggs.”