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By Charlotte Regen

These feisty cuttlefish were caught on camera battling it out over a female.

The dominant sea creature hovers over the female and tried to fend off its competition with a series of vicious blows.

The daring cuttlefish continues series of attacks for over 40 minutes and at a depth of around 26 meters.

Caters News

Cuttlefish come from the Cepholopod family – the same family that octopus and squids come from.

The video was captured by Luca Vaime in the famous dive resort of Tulamben, East Bali.

He said: “In the video you can see two to three male cuttlefish fighting for the right to mate with the female cuttlefish that is also in the video.

“One of them seems to be the dominant male keeping the other two away from the female. The dominant cuttlefish place itself in between the female and the other contenders.

“Most of the time the dominant cuttlefish can intimidate the contenders just by facing and staring at them.

Caters News

“You see one of the contenders having it enough and decide to launch an attack to the dominant cuttlefish who is on top of the female.

“The dominant gets intimidated and the contender gets a grab of the female cuttlefish.

“The dominant male stay closer to the female protecting her from the contenders, the dominant brushes or pet her with its tentacles like to say you are mine .

“In the first clip of the sequence you can see that there is a very camouflage female in the foreground and the other three a little above the bottom are males

“The female removes sperm from her ‘pockets’ to be able to mix with a different cuttlefish. This was told to me by somebody on Facebook, I do not have scientific proof of it or knowledge, but it made sense to me.

“I saw them fighting for the right to mate but never seeing the female ejecting the sperm.

“At the beginning I was thinking  ‘wow cool getting some interesting action with this cuttlefish’ then when I saw the female ejecting sperm I was very confused and excited in the same time not understanding what was going on .

“With over 7,000 dives in the region I still get to see things I have never seen before.

“It went on for over 30-40 min. And I had to leave when the show was still on because I have got to the limit of non-decompression and low on air – it was quite deep at around 25-27 meters.”