By Becca Husselbee

A student paid a touching tribute to his nearest and dearest by returning to the location of his old family photographs and capturing the moments from the past in the exact same spot.

PIC BY SAM JOYCE / CATERS NEWS Square colour photograph of girl on top of car

Sam Joyce, 22, a student at Northampton university, decided that for part of a project for his BA photography course, he would return to the idyllic locations in the small country village of Woodford, Northamptonshire,  where he was born, and raised to match up the images exactly where they would of taken place.

The selection shows his families photos, dating all the way back to 1970’s and even include one of himself as a child, at a May Day celebration, in 2004, as he matches the locations exactly during a shoot in January 2017.

Sam said: “The original photographs are all family album photographs taken from my parents home.

PIC BY SAM JOYCE / CATERS NEWS- Wedding photograph, family of Sam

“I have decided to re-photograph them in the exact place they were originally taken, to show how much or how little the place has changed.”

Other photos include Sam’s Mum, Angela, sitting on her first car in 1978, as well as several wedding pictures and his Mum standing in a lane as a child in the early 1970’s.

Sam said: “One picture shows myself and my school friend, dancing at May Day celebration on the village green.

“Featured in the background is the local village pub, where went on to work for around 6 years.


“Another photo shows my Mum, sitting on her first car, outside of the family home she grew up in. Both my nan and great nan also grew up here in the village.

The project gave Sam a strong sense of nostalgia and a fascinating insights into his families past.

Sam said: “Having grown up in the village this project explores how landscapes have evolved over time and is a very personal one for me.


“As you can see from the original photographs, my family have been living in the village for generations. Woodford hasn’t changed much in and these images are a great example of this.

“I had really positive feedback, not only from university but from the community of the village too.”