By Sergey Bezberdy

A man has built his own STEAM BOAT out of scrap metal and wood.

Sergey Alekseev, from Khanty-Mansia, Russia, used waste he picked up on walks to hand-make his own steam boat which he takes on the river.

Sergey Alekseev and his friend working the steam boat.

The boat has five seats and can travel for half an hour at a time, according to the 21-year-old.

The entrepreneur was inspired by his physics teacher in school, who asked him to make a small fountain out of plastic bottles.

Sergey Alekseev with his homemade steam boat in the snow

Fascinated by this lesson, Sergey carried on to build things out of waste products and has now built a full-functional boat.

He said: “I spend so much time in the forest and it amazes me how much waste there is, so I’m glad I’ve finally found a use for it all.

Sergey Alekseev in the finished homemade steam boat.

“It was always my dream to build a steam engine, and after asking my teachers hundreds of questions I decided to give it a go.”

Sergey enlisted the help of a local welder after collecting his materials and set to work.

He added: “Now I’m just waiting for spring so I can take it out on the lake again.”

Sergey Alekseev working on the engine.