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By Nelson Groom

A mother’s love is normally a thing of beauty, but this skin-crawling footage of a centipede embracing her newborn babies might just be the exception.

The nightmarish video shows the 15cm creepy crawly wrapped around a ball of 80 of her hatchlings as they scamper over one another inside an enclosure.

Captured last week in a home in the , the vision has sent the internet into a spin with millions of views and comments from over the planet.

And while most keep cats or dogs as pets John Heidel Raquel, 22, prefers companionship from this 100-legged beast and her translucent offspring.

Real estate agent John said: “I think people appreciate this on different levels. On one hand it looks very unique like an alien being.”

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“But on the other hand, it’s touching because of how well this mother cares for and protects her young.”

“The maternal care of centipedes is really amazing. She spends a whole month keeping watch over her babies without eating.”

The insect-lover found the wild centipede – known as a Scolopendra Morsitans – in his backyard last year and decided to take it into his care.

Though he has spent plenty of time watching the venomous critter since she gave birth last month, John knows better than risking a dangerous bite.

And that’s with good reason: there has been fatalities recorded from similar species of centipede bites in his homeland of the Philippines.

John said: “It’s definitely not advisable to touch centipedes, they’re born killers. There have been cases where they have killed humans and even cows.”

“I’m just amazed to see how popular this has gone. I think it’s creepy, but people can see the love behind it.’