Animals Video

By Sophie Norris

A mum-of-four was stunned when she claims a fish stole her tot’s dummy after the ‘daredevil’ toddler lobbed it into the family fish tank.

When Melyssa McSherry, 29, noticed her 14-month-old son Axevier staring at the water mesmerised, she peered in to see their Oscar fish, Tiger, sucking on the tot’s pacifier as he swam around.

In funny footage, Melyssa and Axevier watch in amazement as the fish glides through the tank with the soother in its mouth – just like a baby.


The hilarious video now has more than 1,800 shares on social media.

Melyssa, from Ontario, Canada, said: “When I saw Tiger with the soother in his mouth, I was shocked and I instantly grabbed my phone to record the video.

“Axevier is quite the little daredevil. We nickname him ‘Menace’. He was climbing furniture before he could walk.

“Axe is always getting up to mischief and he’s got no fear. He’s into everything – climbing everything.

“As you can see in the video our fish tank is behind our couch so he’s forever climbing it to play with the fish. There’s also a car at the bottom of the tank as well – that was Axevier too.

“When I told my husband, Eddie [McSherry, 43] had just laughed because it’s typical Axe. He showed me a picture today [Thursday] of him trying to climb to the tank again.


“I was sitting with him on the couch when he did this so I went to grab it out but Tiger got there first.

“Tiger took it in his mouth and swam around teasing Axe with it. Axe at this point wanted it back of course and kept trying to reach for it.”

When the cheeky toddler spotted his family pet enjoying the dummy for itself, he instantly felt jealous and wanted it back = but his mum claims he later forget all about it, going the whole day without his comforter for the first time.

Melyssa said: “At first Axe was curious and he was watching Tiger swim around with it. Then he got upset. He kept like reaching at the tank for it back.

“We knew he had some [dummies] thrown under our bed so we pulled them out last night.

“He actually managed to make it all day without one though so we were happy with that.

“I just hope this one stays out of the tank now.”

After posting the video, some viewers appeared more concerned about Tiger’s welfare than Axe’s lack of dummy but Melyssa confirmed the fish spat it out shortly after and is okay.

Melyssa said: “I knew Oscar fish had big mouths but I never thought they would try to eat a pacifier or that he would carry it around in his mouth like that.

“Luckily Tiger is also doing fine. He spit out the dummy shortly after the video. I had a few people asking me about that.”


Showing Eddie, a steel worker, the video, along with the children, Melyssa claimed they all thought it was hilarious and will be ‘on dummy watch in the future’.

“The other kids were in school but they had a good laugh when I showed them the video. They’re 10, eight, seven, and two are five. We’re a blended family.

“We have two kittens and two Cane Corso dogs so we would have expect them to cause mayhem with the fish – not our children. We’ll definitely be on ‘dummy watch’ in the future.”