Offbeat Video

By Mike Jones

A police car was forced to abruptly end this dramatic chase when they failed to make a turn and smashed into a bollard.

While en-route to a 999 call dashcam footage shows three police cars attempting to make a high speed turn and while the first two cars make the turn, the last one seems to lose control.

The video shows the front panel of the car flying through the air as the car smashes into the concrete post.

PIC FROM Allpass driver training / CATERS NEWS

The footage was captured on dashcam yesterday (14th February) by an Allpass Driver Training car and the incident took place on Market Street in Holyhead, North Wales.

Taking place at around 1:08pm the police car ran into the bollards that protect the war memorial on the turn.

Another squad car was sent to the scene of the collision to assist the officers who had crashed.

The a spokesperson for the North Wales Police confirmed that that no one was injured in the incident and said that the matter was under investigation.