Animals Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

This cute cockatoo just keeps going round in circles.

Footage shows the pink and white Major Mitchell cockatoo grips a hold of the spinning wheel and does a complete loop along with the metal wheel.

Little Sammy is 11 and seems to be having a brilliant time as he spins round and round in his unusual toy.

Sammy lives at Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre in Australia, resident to around 200 birds.

Kaarakin spokesperson Brady Miller said: “They were once found throughout a lot of outback Australia but are only found now in very remote locations.

“He spins are on the wheel every day.  Usual in the morning, based off the 7 years I’ve been volunteering and watching him.

“He spins for the enjoyment of it.  He can spin, stop, balance, go again. Spin one direction then suddenly back the other way and will tuck down more to go faster.

“I own a number of motorcycles and that’s why I ride – fun and freedom.

“Bill Dewhurst who owns the bird, lives onsite at Kaarakin and has had birds most of his life came up with the idea 25 years ago.  It’s his original design and took a few trials to find the best bearings and balance for the wheel.  Besides this breed other birds have used his wheels with the best being three birds at once sitting on one.

“Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre was established to rescue, rehabilitate and release back to the wild Western Australia’s iconic black cockatoo’s.

“Being exclusive to the quickly disappearing south west forests of WA they are in serious threat of extinction and are classed as critically endangered under threatened species guidelines.

“The centre only has a few paid staff thanks to grants and is run by us volunteers.  We have up to 200 birds onsite of the three species found in the south west as well as dingoes and other native Australian species.

“Besides rescuing the birds, we’re involved in trying to rehabilitate and regrow native vegetation for the wildlife and educate the public about the threat to our native species to help their cause.

“Later this year Kaarakin will celebrate its 10 anniversary and can celebrate over 500 birds being released back to the wild.  With the estimate to be only 3,000 Baudins cockatoos (long beak white tail black) left in the wild every bird we can save makes a difference.”