By Nicolas Fernandes

A couple has constructed their tiny cabin home with just enough room for two small beds on a minuscule $700 (£500) budget.

Alla Ponomareva, 32, and her husband Garrett Hohn, 37, of Missoula, Montana, USA, built the 80-square-foot A-shaped frame guest house thanks to their obsession with saving leftover materials.


They came across architect Derek “Deek” Diedricksen’s quirky design online and were so intrigued by its tiny, multifunctional structure that they decided to build one of their own.

Using Derek’s building plans as a guide, the pair dug-up some old supplies and complete the project in less than three weeks.

Built in the backyard of their 20-acre property on a platform that serves as a porch, the cabin features one small room crammed with the little beds.

One of their favorite features is the transparent right-side wall that opens just like a window.


Alla, a photographer, said: “Derek Diedricksen’s A-frame plan appeared doable and we were quite smitten with the wall that transforms.

“We are very satisfied with the finished product. We are impressed with what we were able to accomplish with three weeks of back-breaking labor.

“We had a limited amount of time and some leftover materials that we knew could be repurposed.

“We had saved extra materials from projects we had done in the past because we strongly believe in repurposing and recycling things.

“It will serve as a guest cabin for friends and family, a place to read, relax and to star-gaze.


“We enjoy simple living and don’t see the reason in joining the rat race.”

They assembled the floor for the tiny cabin inside their barn before using a tractor to move it to the building site.

Their recycled materials included window frames, boards and roofing, while they made their own front door and the custom bedframes from recycled wood.

Garrett used logs to make a set of stairs leading up to the cabin’s back door as well as a countertop.

Alla said: “We feel like if we can do that, then there is no limit to what two people can achieve if they put their minds to it.

“It is easy to go out and purchase new materials, but there is a certain amount of satisfaction from relying mostly on the materials at hand and making things work.”

Before starting their big project, the couple learned a lot from Garrett’s father, who worked in construction for 30 years.


Whatever they didn’t know, they researched on the internet or just figured out along the way.

Alla said: While on vacation, we would tinker alongside my father-in-law. He showed us the main skills and we figured out the rest.

“A lot of information can also be obtained online. You just have to be open minded, not afraid of power tools and make sure you don’t wear flipflops.”

The couple is excited that they are hearing positive reactions from family members as well as readers of Alla’s blog.

“Our family was around during the build and thought we were onto something special before we even realized it ourselves.

“Sharing our story on my blog has brought so much attention and traffic. Connecting with people has made us feel even more accomplished.”

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