Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

A beaver is living his best life, as he can be seen creating his own dam out of cuddly toys and household objects.

Justin Beaver, also known as JB, is a seven-month-old rescue beave who was orphaned as a baby.

In this footage, JB can be seen gathering items from around his temporary home and trying to build a dam of his own.

Pic by Brigette Brouillard/Caters News

However his dam isn’t very conventional, as stuffed animals, cat toys and leaflets are thrown into the mix.

The footage was taken by Brigette Brouillard at her home in Mount Washington, Kentucky.

Brigette said: “JB is finding materials to build a dam, and is gathering all of his found treasures into one central location. He was doing this for about 15 minutes.

“I always love seeing him build a dam and move things, it never gets old!

Pic by Brigette Brouillard/Caters News

“I have seen him perfect his techniques, and that’s pretty awesome to see.

“JB isn’t a pet, he is licensed for education under our USDA permit – he’s just temporarily living with me whilst we raise funds to build him his own outdoor enclosure with a pond.”