Animals Video

By Lauren Fruen

A DOG neglected for years was left in such bad condition that she looked like she had grown DREADS.

Rescuers couldn’t even see little Millie’s face when she was first brought into the shelter at the end of last year.


But after an extreme makeover they removed all her excess hair leaving her looking like a brand new dog.

She was soon adopted by Patricia Vazquez who said she fell in love with Millie as soon as she saw a picture of her.


Patricia – who volunteers at the Bahamas Humane Society shelter – took her home and the pair have lived together ever since.

She said: “I saw a picture of Millie and that was it. I immediately fell in love with her. She has the most incredible eyes.

“She was bought into the shelter and it just broke my heart. I picked her up when I returned from a trip and she has been with me every since.


“I left her with a vet to make sure everything was ok in terms of her health.

“She had been completely neglected for years.

“She had ticks and she was extremely skinny.


“We had her cleaned up and got her teeth cleaned. We have her a real makeover.

“It’s incredible the change we have seen in her – really amazing. We think she is a chihuahua/Shitzu cross.

“We think she is around three-years-old by looking at her teeth. She is extremely loyal.


“She runs behind me all the time. I have a rescue farm so we have goats and pigs. She is extremely easy to take care of.”