Animals Video

By Hayley Pugh 

A wobbly kitten born with back to front legs and six toes can finally walk properly for the first time.

The tiny cat, called Lee, was born with a soft tissue deformity meaning his front legs bent the wrong way and he also had an extra toe on each back leg.


Rescuers took him to vets at the ASPCA who put both of his front legs in splints to train his muscles to move the right way.

The splints, which were changed every few days, stopped his legs from bending inwards and eventually his muscles learnt to move the other way.


A spokesperson at the ASPCA said: “The kitten had a soft tissue deformity in his front legs, but thanks to the team at the ASPCA’s Kitten Nursery in New York City, he didn’t need surgery as they splinted him and he showed steady improvement.

“Because his deformity was soft tissue rather than a bone abnormality, the splints helped the tissue gain strength and his veterinarians hope that he will be 90per cent normal with perhaps a mild limp that should not interfere with his quality of life.”


Lee can now walk properly for the first time and has since been adopted by a loving family and renamed as Rugen.