Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

Clever little astronaut-in-training Zia has learnt all the parts of the rocket ship and she can tell you what they’re all about.

The adorable four-year-old goes through the rocket ship from to bottom explaining each part and what it does.

Zia Purohit, who lives in North Carolina, loves all things space and the little girl dreams of being an astronaut.

Zia’s mum, 33-year-old Sheela, says that the little girl became especially interested in rockets after a recent trip to the Space Center.

Sheela said: “Zia loves Outer space and wants to become an astronaut. During our recent visit to a Space Center, she took special interest in Rocket ships and wanted to know more about the parts of the rockets and how they are built.

“I just printed off some information from NASA’s website regarding the same. She read it and grasped it all instantly.

“It took her about 2 days to learn it – she loves Science and everything about Outer space and she wants to be an astronaut.

“She was always interested in Science and Outer space. She could identify the planets before she was 1 year old. She started showing interest in NASA when she was about 1.5-2 years old.

“She reads a lot of books about Science and Outer space and loves to watch shows related to science and hands on DIY science experiments shows.

“Zia also knows the layers of Atmosphere and is very interested in greenhouse effect and Global warming.

“She’s very particular about recycling stuff and would want everyone to recycle whenever possible and save planet earth.”