obsessed fan

By Sophie Norris

A British glamour model claims she is now forced to sleep with a KNIFE next to her bed after a obsessed fan obtained her home address through her Amazon wish list and then bombarded her with letters and packages full of drugs.

Mia Maffia, a 25-year-old webcam girl, had created a wish list on the online shopping giant so that she could be ‘treated’ by her 68,700 Twitter followers.


However the star believes a ‘security glitch’ meant that her address was exposed to any one of her legions of fans who opted to send her gifts.

Mia was forced to flee her home and stay with friends for days after one obsessed fan turned nasty and began threatening her and bombarding her home with letters and gifts.

After the same happened to Mia’s pal, model and former X-Factor contestant Holly Pearl, the two women felt compelled to speak out and warn other woman about the dangers of putting up wish lists for their adoring obsessed fans.


Rather than being a ‘glitch’, Amazon pointed out that their customer help pages online state that delivery addresses may be visible to those who purchase items for wish list owners.

Mia, from Leeds, said: “I had to flee to my friend’s house for a couple of days. I’m still terrified and double-check all my doors and windows before going to bed.

“I even sleep with a knife next to my bed because he’s got my address so he could be watching me at any time.


“I want to tell girls to just be aware that your address on Amazon wish lists is not secure.

“I always just assumed it would be safe but people can get access to it quite easily.

“Use a different address that you can access. Don’t use your home address and don’t put personal information online.

“Nobody is helping me with this at Amazon and I want to warn other girls.”


Mia believes her address had been hidden from the fan when he had originally been purchasing items for her however she says it was when he cancelled a gift when she annoyed him that he was sent a cancellation invoice that contained her address.

Mia said: “My wish list has been quite productive in the past and I’ve received loads of gifts.

“I have fans who want to treat me to stuff and it has always been great up until this one man who started to buy me lots of stuff.

“He followed me on Twitter too and started sending me pages upon pages of messages written in broken English all the time and they didn’t make sense.



“I kindly told him that I didn’t have time due to having other clients to message. It already takes me days to even reply to my friends.

“He kept sending me more gifts and one time, he bought something off my wish list then cancelled it.

“I didn’t know it at the time, but if a gift is cancelled, the person who buys it gets an invoice with both addresses on it.

“Amazon does say in their small print that this could occur but I hadn’t seen it.

“The man started writing letters and sending gifts to my home address.

“He even sent me a package containing Tramadol and weed.

“I said to him ‘listen baby, I really appreciate the gifts but I haven’t got the time to give you the attention you need’. I told him to treat himself to something nice next time instead.


“Then he got angry and started sending me messages saying someone must have said something about him to me.

“He said ‘I’m getting angry now’ and called English people ‘f***ing c***ts’.

“The last message I received, which was on Sunday [Feb 19], said ‘you have got until six o’clock tonight to explain yourself’.

“I looked on this guy’s news feed and there’s ISIS videos of people being beheaded and girls being tortured.

“The security on Amazon is clearly not 100 percent and he has got my address.

PIC FROM MERCURY PRESS – The obsessed fan’s profile picture.

“I phoned the people at Amazon and they just didn’t really take me seriously at all.”

Her friend, Holly, who appeared on X Factor in 2012, has experienced a similar incident in which she received threats at her home address.

Holly said: “I have a wish list but I’m considering deleting it now.

“It’s awful that it has happened and is completely out of order. The reason wish lists exist are to protect your address.

“I think Amazon need to rectify this problem – it’s a real breach of trust and safety.

“I can’t believe this is even an issue. It shouldn’t even tell people what city you live in.”

A spokesperson from Amazon said: “As you will see on our Customer Help pages about Wish List it does clearly state that ‘Your delivery address may be visible to someone who purchases an item for you from your List.’ This Help page is accessible to all customers and can be found on our Customer Service pages.”