Offbeat Video

By Jack Williams

This is the hilarious moment members of a small village community received quite a shock, as one man decided to fly a BATHTUB from a home to the local shop.

Villagers were left stunned as creative brothers The Real Life guys showed off their latest invention, taking the propeller-powered bathtub from a driveway, across fields and into the parking lot outside a sandwich shop.

Pic by The Real Life Guys / Caters

There, pilot Philipp Mickenbecker picked up a sandwich while onlookers assessed the odd creation.

The moment was captured in Herzberg, Germany, late in December 2017, and since then brothers Johannes and Philipp have received a number of positive responses to their invention.

Earlier in the year, the unveiled the flying bathtub itself, showcasing its ability to fly in a local gym.

But it was always their intention to take the bathtub out into the open, and as long as they flew no higher than 30 meters, national laws allowed them to make such a vision a reality, the brothers said.

Pic by The Real Life Guys / Caters

The invention has the capability to be airborne for six minutes, meaning that although Philip was able to make it to the sandwich shop, a little work still needs to be done to give the tub enough juice to make it home again.

Since posting the video on their popular social media channels, the brothers have received requests from some fans hoping to purchase such a creation.

The tub, however, is not for sale; but the brothers would like to create a flying bicycle in future months, they joked.

Johannes said: “Before the drone took off, people didn’t believe it could actually fly. When it took off, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Pic by The Real Life Guys / Caters

“When flying outside we really had the feeling to of flying, and we could, of course, fly much higher.

“The response to our video was very good – most of our subscribers did not believe that we would succeed.

“Most of them thought that we would break our bones.

“This is the world’s first manned flying bathtub, so it is pretty amazing.

“A lot of our subscribers even told us to start a company selling those bathtub drones.”