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By Katy Gill

Most mums would be concerned if their son ran away from picking them up, but this mother couldn’t be happier her child sprinted away from her.

When Courtney Garab arrived at her son Wyatt’s friend’s house in Montgomery, Alabama, USA, to collect him, she was surprised when he said he wanted to run home.

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Following closely behind, the 30-year-old proud mum shouts encouragement to her seven-year-old, including ‘get it boy, get it’ and ‘keep going you’re almost there’.

Courtney’s excitement is explained by the fact it had been just 18 months since Wyatt had been diagnosed with a brain aneurysm and spent 49 days in hospital.

The hair stylist said: “It brought tears to my eyes to see Wyatt running so well just 18 months after almost having his life taken away.

“He felt so proud of himself for running home the whole way without stopping.

“Wyatt has always been a determined child, which has helped him overcome what happened to him.

“He has shown strength and courage throughout his journey and continues to improve every day.”

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Wyatt was admitted to Onslow Memorial Hospital in Charlottesville, North Carolina, on July 14, 2016 after his left side stopped working just one hour after complaining of a headache.

He underwent multiple surgeries including endovascular coiling that involved inserting a catheter through one of his major arteries to seal the opening of the ruptured brain aneurysm.

The then six-year-old had a piece of his skull removed to get of the blood clot near the ruptured aneurysm before it was replaced after his brain had space to swell and heal.

He spent 26 days in rehab, learning how to walk, talk, eat, and swallow all over again until, on August 31, 2016, 49 days later, Wyatt was discharged to go home.

Courtney said: “He is doing great and continues to amaze us every day. He just wants to be a normal seven-year-old boy.

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“He loves playing with his friends and his Nintendo Switch.

“He still continues physical and occupational therapy to help with the deficits he now has as a result from the ruptured brain aneurysm

“With just a brace on his left leg and a barely noticeable scar on his head, Wyatt shows little evidence of his battle.”