Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

This dog can’t get enough of bubble wrap – as he can be seen popping as many bubbles as possible.

Rico, the seven-year-old Pomeranian, can be seen clawing its way through a sheet of bubblewrap – bursting the air beneath him.

Pic by James Grasso/Caters News

And despite the material being quite stubborn, Rico shows no signs of giving up!

This footage was taken by James Grasso in Washington, United States, whose grandmother owns Rico.

James said: “Rico is very allergic to grass and gets rashes on his bare tummy – so he itches it on everything.

“Obviously scratching his stomach on the bubble wrap worked – and it was just too silly which is why I videod it.

“He probably had seen bubble wrap before, but I’ve never observed him rubbing on it before.”