Offbeat Video

By Kirstie Sutheran 

A huge pancake – with almost three days’ worth of calories – has been demolished by a food blogger on live video.

Blake Horton, from New Jersey, US, created the gigantic pancake on February 8 while at home and live-streamed it for his 350 thousand Instagram followers.

Pic by Blake Horton/Caters News

The sales worker claims it took just 40 minutes to demolish the 5,200 calorie pancake and only creates food challenges he enjoys.

Blake said: “The pancake tasted great, I wouldn’t create it if I wouldn’t enjoy it.

“The pancake included 194g protein, 124g fat, 825g carbs and 5,200 calories.

Pic by Blake Horton/Caters News

“It didn’t intend to be an eating challenge and I’d actually burned 5,000 calories over the previous day.

“I consume all my nutrients in one meal before bed and have been intermittent fasting for four and a half years now.”

Pic by Blake Horton/Caters News

To find out more, visit his Instagram page, @blake_201.